Okay. I’m no longer a virgin blogger. This is my first post.
I’m a writer. Used to be a teacher. Now retired. And still teaching – as a writer. Sometimes I have only one student (aka reader), and that’s I (aka me). Can you tell I was an English teacher? Yeah, I know – I was a pain in the ass. If you’re also a student (aka reader), you have a remedy. You can switch me off.
If you have a high tolerance for pain, watch this space.


About EJ Lavoie

Writer and independent publisher with website
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2 Responses to MAIDEN POST

  1. Allan L Campbell says:

    Hi Edgar . Glad to see John and Grace at the re-union and disappointed to not see you.
    Looking forward to receiving your new books. Keep me informed of your release dates.

    • EJ Lavoie says:

      Hi, Allan. Olga & I now regret we didn’t register. We had so many things going on in September, we couldn’t guarantee (months ahead of time) we’d be available. We won’t miss the 2012 one, though.

      Edgar J. Lavoie PO Box 205, Geraldton, ON P0T 1M0 TEL (807) 854-1184 FAX (807) 854-2289 CELL (807) 986-3867


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