The backhoe builds a retaining wall of excavated boulders.

“Give me a place to stand, and I will move the earth.”  Archimedes said something like this.  He was referring to the power of the machine we call a lever.  I had several machines tootling around my backyard this weekend.  Each featured multiple applications of the

The bulldozer spreads the gravel.

lever, among other mechanical devices and internal combustion engines.  The contractor was creating a platform on sloping land as a base for a garage.  A backhoe, a bulldozer, a coupla dump trucks, and a pickup, not to mention a truck tractor and a lowbed trailer, collaborated to relocate and position many tons of gravel.  The gravel came from a pit several kilometers away.  As my neighbour commented,  “Sad, eh?  And we living on an


Could be a poem in there.

The job done, the lowbed waits to load the machines.

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