On the gravel pad I erected two car shelters – shelters with waterproof fabric stretched over light metal frames.  I bolted the feet of the ribs to 2×6 planks, and weighted down the planks with railway ties.  No wind was going to make my shelters airborne.

I reckoned not on the power of wind.

Surprised was I to find a gusty wind had moved my shelters around.  Under dark skies and intermittent showers, I moved the shelters back and doubled the number of ties.  I moved those ties alone, finding strength I know not where.  That was yesterday.  This morning, after a night of high winds, I found the shelters where I had left them.

But.  The door of one shelter was gaping open.  The wind had worried the fabric till one of the cross rails came loose, stripping the nut off the bolt.  I bought another nut, and tightened same.

What will I find on the morrow?

Meanwhile, news reports tally the hydro outages and the unusually high number of vehicular accidents attributable to the weather.

There was a time when you could depend on a nut.

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