THE LOST CABIN (Chapter 3)

When we think of a cabin, especially a lost cabin, we usually think of a cabin in the woods.  It is the presence of trees that bestows romance upon the cabin.

We live in a cabin, the wife and I – in a big cabin, mind you, in the woods.  We built it, first as a camp without the amenities (meaning water and power and central heating and books) and then we retrofitted it as a home, precisely because it is in the woods.

Like others who live in the woods because they love the woods, we have a complicated relationship with the woods.  We have agonized about cutting a tree down, and other times, we have cheerfully butchered the buggers.  For years we nursed a clump of birch that impinged on our living space.  We built a deck around them and coddled them and admired them and they flourished.  Then we had to re-engineer the arrangement, and the birch became firewood.  The fact that I am thinking about them now, tells you that I miss them.

We had to clear a large area for a septic field.  Olga grooms that field.  In many ways it is a garden.  And any twig that dares to take root there, she rips up ruthlessly.

But nature is ruthless too.  Nature kills trees.

(To be continued)


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2 Responses to THE LOST CABIN (Chapter 3)

  1. Peggy Smith says:

    Hi Edgar, Enjoying your blog spot. Love the northern perspective. Very different view of “nature” from those who live in urban areas.

  2. EJ Lavoie says:

    I have a feeling Wordsworth would not be amused.

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