I entered a “flash fiction” competition, the first in my life, and didn’t get even an honorable mention.  The challenge was to compose a story of up to 250 words beginning with the phrase “The snowman grinned malevolently . . .” and ending with “. . . buried alive”.  Here’s my entry:

Beware of the Evil Snowman

The snowman grinned malevolently as it pressed the buzzer.  When I opened the door, the grin turned into a simpering snicker.  “Merry Christmas!” said the evil little imp.  It was plastered from head to foot in glittering snowflakes.  It extended a mittened hand as it added, “Collection time!”

For weeks the little bugger had been tossing newspapers at my front door.  For weeks the papers had been accumulating in the awning above my front door.  For weeks the snow had been falling.  The awning sagged from the weight of current events.

A cord dangled from the awning.  “Hold this!” I said, tucking it into the gap between its wooly thumb and furry palm.  “I’ll get my purse.”

“Yes ma’am!” said the little ogre.  “Remember,” it said, “’tis better to give than receive!”

“It won’t be long,” I said.  “If you get impatient, pull the cord.”  I slammed the door in its face.

It wasn’t long.  Its patience, I mean.  Before I took three steps, there was a roar and a rush.  I returned to the door.  I opened it.  There was no evil little snowman.  There was only a mound of snow with printed pages fluttering thither and yon.

I snatched up a page.  Those 33 miners in Chile had been rescued!  And here’s me thinking they were buried alive!

You can see the winning entries at http://www.cbc.ca/radio/literaryawards/2010/12/announcing-the-winner-of-our-flash-fiction-challenge.html

Hey!  Don’t feel sorry for me!  Rejection builds character.


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Writer and independent publisher with website www.WhiskyJackPublishing.ca
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