Got up this morning to minus 31 Celsius.  Had to hustle out to the road with my garbage for the pickup.  Stoked up the wood fire.

This week I spent time devising parameters for my book cover, and giving direction to the graphic artist.  I know what I want but I don’t have the expertise with graphic software.

And I spent time with a cartographer (They call ’em GIS specialists nowadays) to order maps for the novel.  Earlier I had spent countless hours debating with myself about whether I should go with maps for a novel.  But since landscape is a character in this story, I decided to go for it (them).

Two days ago I opened a copy of “Prester John”, by John Buchan.  I had acquired this library discard copy some time ago because I remembered I had studied it when I was a high school student, and I had liked the action and the characters and the landscape.  (Which are elements of the kind of novel that I admire and wish to emulate.)  I wanted to review how he handled them.

And the frontispiece is . . . a map.

So I am simply advancing a great literary tradition.

I have also devoted hours to compiling questions for the Ontario Provincial Police, and this week I interviewed an OPP detective.   My novel, “The Beardmore Relics”, features the OPP assisting the civilian protagonist to solve crimes (Yeah, you heard that right).  I needed to verify a few things about how real detectives operate, because up till now, I’ve been winging it. 

Conclusion – I’ve been amazingly accurate.  Just a bit of tweaking to do.

By the end of next week, I should be finished my vetting and rewriting.

Vetting and rewriting.  That’s the hard part.


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