Writers are omnivorous.  They’ll devour anything . . . if it serves their craft, their thirst for knowledge, or the particular story or poem or blog post they happen to be invested in.

Case in point:  Ken Follett’s first blockbuster novel, Eye of the Needle (1978).  Just finished reading it.  Oh sure, I’d heard about it, for years and years – just never got around to actually reading it. 

Follett’s making literary headlines lately – got a novel as a TV film now — The Pillars of Earth is serialized weekly.  In the last coupla weeks, I read the interview he had with Writer’s Digest recently.  He keeps putting out new novels every year or two.  He’s now a senior citizen, like me, so he’s an inspiration.  Still needle sharp.

In the next to next to next to last edit I made in The Beardmore Relics, I discovered something new.  Axes have eyes.  That hole where the shaft joins the head is called an eye.  Who knew, eh?  Here’s the phrase in which I employed my new knowledge:  “Sunk to the eye.”  Love that image.  I know – makes no sense without the context.

As I read Follett’s novel, I was swept away by his mastery of prose.  The story is good – damn good – but the style is superlative.  I found myself analyzing how he achieved his effects.  I came up with a tip for my series RESTORE BY NUMBERS – look for it the Sunday after next.

As for my emotional outburst a week ago, be assured:  the pressure is under control and there is no threat of imminent explosion.  Still waiting for the cover and the maps, but I’m a week closer to getting them.

No more pins and needles.  Just poised on the sharp edge, ready to leap into publication.  Am I confident?  Aye, aye.

This head is lookin' atcha

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