It was good news for Shiloh.  The blood dripped not from her mouth but from her ear.  She’d torn the skin with her claw.  Occasionally she breaks the scab and releases more blood.  Yes, her gums are unsightly, but not problematic.

The face that launched a thousand sighs . . .

When the dentist looked at my x-ray, she immediately said, “I can tell right away – it’s an extraction!”  I braced myself.  She squirted a litre or so of freezing solution into my jaw.  “So,” I mumbled, “will the extraction take long?”

“What do mean, extraction?  I’m filling the cavity.”

So, some of my wisdom has leaked away.  Or maybe it’s just my hearing.

Olga had a filling.  No freezing required.  The dentist worked on a previously dead tooth.  I should be so lucky.  However.  She has to see a specialist.  Who will, doubtless, recommend thousands of dollars of work.

It was bare pavement all the way home.  The temperature never rose above minus 3 all day.  But the heavens cleared.  We sailed home under sunny skies.

The bombing in Libya started today (Saturday).  Death and destruction rained from the skies.  I am pleased.  I can’t remember ever feeling that way about any act of war.

Maybe my tooth did leak.

About EJ Lavoie

Writer and independent publisher with website www.WhiskyJackPublishing.ca
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