The home place

With us – lately, anyway – it’s usually the weather.

Ice build-up put a crick in my chimney on March 26th.  Then we had a thaw, the ice melted, and my chimney fell over.

I try to take a picture of our road every April 1st.  I missed by a coupla days, but you can see . . . actual road.  Banks are still high.  Last year Olga started her gardening in mid-April.

Sunday, April 3rd

That same night we had a snowstorm.  So, this is the road two days later, after the plow went by.


Then, on April 7th, the municipality sent out a backhoe to dig out the roadside ditch.  It can’t handle the thaw, and when it overflows, it floods us out on the other side.  Someone was thinking ahead.  That machine, though, couldn’t dig very deep, so if that ditch overflows, I’ll be making a call.

My taxes at work

Speaking of crooked, are you following the election campaigns?


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