Kenogamisis Lake April 21

Yesterday we – Olga and I – ventured from the home place to go to town.  Town is 23 klicks away as the crow walks.  It is the second time I have left my driveway in a week.  Because . . . I can.

Yes, I can now travel on my summer tires.  Not a single snowflake kissed my summer tires.  In the sunny places, most of the snow cover has peeled back.  In the bush, the snow is fender-deep, so I avoid driving there.  The trees are too close together, anyway, to make headway.

This spring – for I can call it that now – the snow is dissipating.  It is not melting.  It is simply evaporating.  Temperatures in daytime are above zero (Celsius), falling below freezing at night.  Normally in springtime the water flows in the ditches and ponds in the depressions but that is not happening.  Creeks are opening.  River ice is scaling back from the shore.  And in the lakes, where the narrows channel the current, water glistens.

Before we headed home, we made a detour to Second Bridge.  Second Bridge is the local name for the Main Narrows of Kenogamisis Lake.  We wanted to check the open water for waterfowl.

Lo and behold – on the white stretch bordering the water, a hundred Canada geese had bedded down on the ice.  They weren’t moving.  They weren’t cooing.  They looked very . . . very . . . tired.

What prompts waterfowl to wing north before the weather opens up their feeding grounds?  I dunno.  I really, really dunno.  It’s a mystery . . . which makes me less tired . . . and less retired.  I can now feel the trickle of juices in my bones.

This morning I stepped out on the deck and heard a flock honking far above me, far beyond sight.

Thank God.  Summer IS


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