How Writers Build the Brand

Published: April 29, 2011
As every author knows, writing a book is the easy part these days. It’s when the publication date looms that we have to roll up our sleeves and tackle the real literary labor: rabid self-promotion. For weeks beforehand, we are compelled to bombard every friend, relative and vague acquaintance . . . CLICK BELOW FOR MORE . . .

About EJ Lavoie

Writer and independent publisher with website www.WhiskyJackPublishing.ca
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2 Responses to A WRITER’S GOTTA DO . . .

  1. EJ Lavoie says:

    Thanks for the thought, Martin. Sometimes luck promotes a book. But I am learning that character promotes a book. It takes an unswerving faith in the merit of a book. It takes a lot of work and it takes a skin impervious to a massed assault of disappointments. It devours one’s time and one’s resources. But one thing is always happening: One is building character.

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