[WITH ELLE’S PERMISSION, I post her e-mail to local writers, as follows:]
Hi all,
Some of you may have already seen the news about the Halifax Chronicle-Journal, the draconian contract it wanted its freelancers to sign and the 21 freelancers who refused to sign it (including some of Canada’s top writers like Silver Donald Cameron and PWAC’s Sandra Phinney, Johanna Bertin and others).  The result? The freelancers are shut out from Halifax CJ. 
And the central issue? The writers refused to sign away all their rights by April 30 — the paper was making claims to all rights (including moral rights) in the writers’ work, worldwide and forever (”in perpetuity”). 
Silver Donald Cameron has written about the situation at Click the ”Read More” to read the full texts, including the draconian contract and the ”plain English” version.
Elle Andra-Warner
Author, Journalist & Photographer
Based in Thunder Bay
[When you arrive at the HoweNow page, scroll down to the post “The Herald Sign-It-Or-Else Contract”, and then click on the link for “What It Means in Plain English”.  I felt as if I had been kicked in the gut.]
[P.S.  I believe this is another nail in the coffin of traditional publishers (of newspapers, magazines, and books), and one of the big reasons authors are turning to self-publishing.]

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