The breakwater at Poplar Lodge Park, Lake Nipigon. The mooring ring is a relic of the olden days.

This afternoon I took a run down to Beardmore.  I was setting up a book launch at the library for Wednesday evening, May 18th.

I just had to take a run to Lake Nipigon.  It’s only a quarter-hour from downtown Beardmore.  I was told the ice would still have the lake in its grip.  Wrong.  Dancing water as far as eye could see.  The Victoria Day weekend will see scores of boats being launched from this spot.  Today there was nobody.  Just me and the sun and the sea. 

This afternoon I got two pieces of good news.  I am cleared for a book signing event on Thursday, June 2nd, at the Mary JL Black Library in Thunder Bay.  And to cap that, Thunder Bay outlets of Chapters and Coles will carry my novel, The Beardmore Relics.  I’m expecting a review in The Chronicle-Journal to precede these events.

It’s close to supper time now, and I just remembered that I didn’t have lunch.  So what?  Momentous things are happening.  The rivers are running.  The lakes are open.  And the sky’s clearing.

Summer IS coming.

In a few days, the park will be swarming with RVs and fun-seekers.

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