Claire Martin

I am constantly amazed by my friends and neighbours because so many are so unfamiliar with their backyards.  I could place a bet that 90% of them could not locate the Kamuck River on a map without serious help.  Probably 80% have never visited Poplar Lodge Park.  Probably 70% could not name the Pallisades of the Pijitawabik, although they pass them every time they go to Thunder Bay.

I’m not faulting them.  I’m just stating a fact about people in general – we are almost oblivious to our surroundings.  We have to teach ourselves to be aware, and I include me in that “we”.

So last night on The National, when Peter Mansbridge flirted on air with Claire Martin, as per usual, maybe she was a little flustered.  Claire is Senior Meteorologist for the CBC.  I really enjoy her two-minutes of fame every weekday evening.  She was pointing out that Northern Ontario would be assaulted, for the third night in a row, by an overnight frost.  And the coolest community (in a temperature sense only) would be Armstrong.

Armstrong.  Guaranteed that 95% of my friends and neighbours have heard of the place – they know it is somewhere west of us.  On the west side of Lake Nipigon.  Ninety-nine point nine per cent of them have never been there, and have no immediate plans to visit.

Claire pointed out its location for the benefit of 99.99% of TROC (the rest of Canada).  She located it between Timmins and North Bay, a long, long way east of us, close to the Quebec border.

Claire, I forgive you, and millions of your fans will too. 

And Peter, shame on you.  Let the poor woman do her job.

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