[If you missed, or if you now disremember, the letter I sent to Wal-Mart in July of last year, scroll down to read the previous communication first, along with the response I received.  There is a Corporate God, and his Viceroy on earth was Michael Duke.  The office holder, as you will note below, has now changed.]

July 20, 2011

David Cheesewright
President & CEO
Wal-Mart Canada
Mississauga, Ontario

Dear Sir:


I am treading on air – dry shod!  After nearly a year, I checked into your store at North Battleford, Saskatchewan, and, feeling the urge, checked into the washroom.  What a pleasure!

A customer – a male customer – may now perform his rituals of purification in perfect order, and separately.  No aquatic microbes hopping from one basin to another.  No distractions from the task at hand.  No ugly revelations. 

Please pass on my congratulations to the branch manager.  I remain,

Dryly yours,

Edgar J. Lavoie



July 24, 2010

Michael T. Duke

President & CEO

Wal-Mart Canada

Mississauga, Ontario

Dear Sir:


            I must apologize for nearly urinating in the sink at one of your branch stores.  My wife and I have been on the road for more than a week now, and we frequently shop at your stores and, if we feel the urge, use the washroom facilities.

            On Wednesday, July 21st, 2010, I felt the urge in North Battleford, Saskatchewan.  As I approached the porcelain receptacles that line one wall of the washroom, I discovered some people (male, of course) urinating in them and some washing their hands.  After some cogitation, I determined that some receptacles were urinals and some were washbasins.

            Standing side by side, some of your customers are obliged to relieve themselves at the same time as, and in very friendly proximity to, others who are cleansing themselves.  Whoever designed this washroom needs his plumber’s licence revoked.

            I straightaway informed your employees in Customer Service to bring this example of poor planning – not to say poor hygiene – to the attention of the manager.

            Passing through the Battlefords two days later, I found no change in the arrangements, so I snapped this photo for you. 

            My wife has no complaints about the women’s facilities.  She found the stalls situated at a satisfactory distance from the sinks.  It is only because I find your washrooms normally so clean and refreshing and well designed, that I am so appalled by the North Battleford location.

            Hoping the backsplash misses you, I remain

Moistly yours,

E.J. Lavoie

Greenstone, Ontario

Enc. 1 image titled “SINK OR SUMP?”

PS – This has been e-mailed to cacustrel@wal-mart.com for lack of a more personal address, despite my efforts to find one.

Sink or sump?


 NOTE – On August 10, 2010, a man who said he was Rob, manager of the North Battleford Wal-mart store, phoned me at 2:45 p.m.  He referred to my letter describing my visits in July.  He apologized for the state of their men’s washroom and said, “We’re going to be putting up some walls.”  He said he was not told of my complaint at their regular Associates meeting.  He said the store opened around the year 2000 and was not exactly state-of-the-art at this time.

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