Outlaws of the Hanson Lake Road welcome you to the Wild West of Saskatchewan. Those are the marks of shotgun pellets and a slug.


I have been on the road for a while, so my regular posts have fallen by the wayside.

Now I’m back home, and have I got stuff to tell yuh!  The post about Walmart in North Battleford was an example.

Among my adventures are: visiting my birthplace in the Far West; cruising by the piece of Saskatchewan that my father-to-be homesteaded in the ’30s; touring a collection of unique community museums and fascinating historic sites; slipping by a gang of gun-happy yokels; tackling The 100 Stairs of Flin Flon; chatting with a nationally recognized sculptor in a Manitoba backwater; finding a perfectly decadent bookstore in Winnipeg; and selling my recently published novel to an auctioneer . . . who was trying to sell me his relics.

Speaking of relics, while on the road, I learned of a review of my novel, The Beardmore Relics.  It was published in Thunder Bay’s The Chronicle-Journal on July 6th.  Here it is:

A good summer read

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I recently purchased a book by local author E.J. Lavoie, entitled Beardmore Relics. What a fine read! A first novel for this well-versed author, it encompasses many places familiar to long-time residents of Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario.
This book brought me back to the days of fishing with my father on the Blackwater River system, which seemed to me to be like the Amazon. It talked about the geography and mining of this area, and the colourful local characters of Anytown, a close-knit community like many others. It told the story of old, dark secrets, of murder, romance and the thinking of keen minds. It talks about streets and businesses that exist to this day, that we can relate to.
I thoroughly enjoyed it, and believe that many others in our neck of the woods will, too. It’s available locally. I encourage others looking for a good summer read to enjoy the hunt, learn a thing or two about our area and support one of our own local authors.
Carolyn Croft
Thunder Bay

Folks, I have received rave reviews from readers whom I’ve met, face to face.  This review came out of the blue, for I have never met Ms Croft. 

I am responsible for marketing this book – I’m new at this job, but one thing I’ve grown to appreciate, and that it is the readers who will sell this book.  Not me.

What I need – what my novel needs – are reviewers who will spell out their opinions, i.e., actually write their responses.  There are numerous sites online that are selling The Beardmore Relics, and they are begging for reviews.

If you’ve read the novel (and if you haven’t, I say you’re in for a treat), write a review – even a one-liner will be appreciated.  Just google the term “the beardmore relics” to find sites that sell the novel – Chapters, Coles, Amazon, Smashwords, etc.

P.S.  Wanna know more about the novel and how to get it?  Click the book cover image in the right-hand sidebar.

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  1. Kathy P says:

    My husband reviewed your book on my blog:

    We’ve posted the review to Amazon US and Canada, Goodreads and Chapters.

  2. EJ Lavoie says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I like your site . . . The image of the “stupid sign” resonated with me. Here’s one I came across recently:
    Keep up the good work.

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