It’s part of the game . . . of self-publishing.

Correction.  It’s an essential element of self-publishing.

I prefer to be mild, modest, and self-effacing, a listener rather than a talker, but . . . I can be bold, brash, and self-assertive.  I learned that long ago . . . as a teacher.  Mild, modest, and self-effacing teachers get trod on . . . a lot.  And their students tend not to listen . . . a lot.

I like to attend author events (more often described as literary events).  I attend not to talk . . . but to listen.  But if I talk, and as a self-published author I am OBLIGED to talk, then I TALK, man, do I TALK – boldly, brashly, and self-assertively. 

Because, dear hearts, I have a light; I have a light that wants to shine; it wants to shine into every corner of the room.  Wait, that’s too mild.  That’s too modest.  I have a LIGHT and it must, MUST, I tell you, illuminate the WORLD. 

I want to hear the echoes reverberating down the universe.

Yeah, I know.  I mixed metaphors there.  So sue me.  So long as it makes headlines.  So long as you recognize that I am a writer, not just a writer, but an AUTHOR.  There are writers and there are writers but authors, AUTHORS, now, they must get read.  They MUST.

The Margaret Atwoods and the Stephen Kings and the J.K. Rowlings are always talking.  Constantly talking.  And every time they open their mouths, they make a headline somewhere.  They know that talking is part of an author’s role.

So . . . we authors who do not have their name recognition, who do not have big book companies knocking down our doors to please, please, publish with them, we who have to do the publishing OURSELVES or we are struck dumb, dumb, DUMB . . . we talk too.  Not talking, now that would be dumb.

In the foregoing list, I might have added: we authors who do not have their talent . . .   But I’m too brash to say that.  I must be brash.  MUST.  I must self-promote.

So, all authors talk.  We blog.  We Facebook.  We tweet*.  We do interviews.  We accept invitations to present.  We talk, talk, talk.  Sometimes we neglect to do the necessary . . . which is to write.  There is no greater authorial sin than the failure to write.

In the last ten days I’ve attended three author events, and I’ve got another one this weekend. 

Guess what.  I’m neglecting my writing.

But these are things I must do.  MUST. 

As an author.

*Note:  I don’t tweet.  Yet.  Don’t know how to work the twitter.

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