I WILL do better I WILL do better I WILL

[Every New Year I make a resolution to never make a New Year’s resolution, and I do not intend to break that tradition.

However, it can be fun looking at other people’s New Year’s resolutions, just to see what pledges they intend to break as soon as humanly possible.

The lists in the following post are different – writer J.A. Konrath is offering a plethora of good intentions to himself, and to others, so if you’re a writer, you gotta read ’em, even if you pledge to ignore them ASAP.  We must all pave our own roads to hell with our own intentions.]


[I can’t resist one of Konrath’s remarks about self-publishing, where his “resolution” turns into a paean for the new way:

“The gatekeepers–agents who submit to editors who acquire books to publish and distribute to booksellers–are no longer needed to make a living as a fiction writer. For the first time in history, writers can reach readers without having to jump through hoops, get anointed, compromise integrity, or fit the cookie-cutter definition for What New York Wants.

I’m not saying you should give up on traditional publishing. But I am saying that there is ZERO downside to self-pubbing. At worst, you’ll make a few bucks. At best, you’ll make a fortune, and have agents and editors fighting over you.

But remember: even if you are being fought over, you still have a choice . . . “]

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  1. Hi Edgar! It’s Adrian 🙂
    Yup! I have my own blog too! http://www.dreamabetterdream.wordpress.com

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