Writer Peter Fergus-Moore at Chapters on Friday surprises the audience with another talent. All photos by Elle Andra-Warner.

           We’ve all heard the stories: writers are solitary creatures –unfriendly, friendless, and friendproof.

            That may be true . . . sometimes.  Certainly there have been times I felt that way, when I was writing, but . . . and this is a big BUT . . . that changes when you’re an author.  An author is a writer who has been published.

            Once a writer’s work is out there, he or she is no longer solitary.  He has friends.  And he has enemies.  And the friends and enemies are far outnumbered by the people who are entirely indifferent to who the author is and what the author writes.  They could care less.  But here’s the point: the author is no longer solitary, even if he or she is rubbing shoulders with a mass of humanity who do not know or even care about his existence.

            For the author cares.  He or she cares a lot.  The author’s role is to find friends.  Well, readers.  Who will become friends. 

            Writing may be solitary.  Authoring is a gregarious activity.

Shameless self-promoters at Coles on Saturday: Edgar Lavoie, Elle Andra-Warner, Lee Chambers.

            On January 20th and 21st, I and a group of authors offered readings and book signings to a Thunder Bay audience.  We performed at the Chapters Indigo store on Friday evening, and at the Coles Book Store on Saturday mid-day. 

Local TV showed up . . . Free promotion!

           We laughed, we listened, we spoke, we smiled, we read, we signed, we chatted, we chortled, we just generally had a darn good time.  We sold our books and we sold one another’s books.  We opened a great many eyes to the great things we local authors are doing, and we made a few more readers.  Which is to say, friends. 

            A great many customersto both book stores remained entirely indifferent to our presence or to our promotions.  That’s fair game.

            Serendipitously, we got a clip on the local television channel on Saturday night, and our photo in the local daily on Sunday.  No doubt that opened a few eyes of those who had been indifferent to us – they had ignored a newsworthy event.

An anti-smoking rally brushes by the authors, oblivious to their presence.

            Here’s a link to the TBT clip:          


             Now we go back to writing.  In solitude.  For a while.  Until we put on our author hats again, and reach out . . . way, way out . . . and touch a new friend.


About EJ Lavoie

Writer and independent publisher with website www.WhiskyJackPublishing.ca
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  1. Annette says:

    Great Blog Edgar – good get back on taking the TV camera man’s picture – the coverage the book writers’ received was excellent – a picture is definitely worth a lot of words and having your name out there triggers the mind when in a book store. Much success in the future

  2. EJ Lavoie says:

    Thanks, Annette. Your energy and knowledge of the browsers certainly contributed to the event’s success!

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