I don’t believe in retirement.  If I’m retired, then Stephen Harper* is a closet New Democrat.  Believe that, if your philosophy permits. 

Some time ago, I said I would catch you up on something momentous.  I’ve just taken three breaths without interruption, so I guess it’s time.

In November I and a group of literary junkies applied to Ontario Arts Council to fund a festival in Greenstone.  Actually, in Geraldton, a community in the great Municipality of Greenstone.  Greenstone – the largest municipality in the Province north of the French River.  That’s in Ontario, by the way.  Population 5,000, give or take a few hundred.  Mostly take.  Greenstone, that is.  Not Ontario.  We are large in lakes and muskeg and moose, not in people-type population.

And we supplicants on the marge of civilization got most of what we asked for.  Yikes.  Somebody down there in balmy Toronto has actually sent money and moral support to the Great White North.

Okay.  What is a squatchberry?  People have been asking that since 1975, when I founded a literary magazine called The Squatchberry Journal.  I will tell you.  Eventually.  But first about the festival . . .

On Canada Day weekend we will hold Squatchberry Literary Festival in Geraldton.  For you non-Canadians, be advised that Canada Day weekend is June 29th and 30th and July 1st

We have a great program.  We have recruited outstanding authors from Northwestern Ontario to offer readings and workshops.  And, we will have a couple of authors whose names are household words.  If not in your household, then in literary salons throughout this great nation.  Which we call Canada.  Which surrounds a lot of Greenstone.

Okay.  ALL of Greenstone.  Jeez, you’re picky.

For further news, watch this space.

*Note: Stephen Harper, twenty-second Prime Minister of Canada.  A very conservative Conservative who never turns left.  Consequently, he always finds himself back where he started . . . in hot water.


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Writer and independent publisher with website www.WhiskyJackPublishing.ca
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