A magical world . . . Unsourced image.

[I never believed I would ever be passing on a commercial to you, dear readers, but this show is an outstanding work of art.

The only evidence that this is a commercial, in real time in real life, comes at the end, when the name LG Optimus One with Google appears.  So, all the pyrotechnics are advertising for a smartphone manufactured by LG Electronics, Inc.  Sales began in November, 2010, and by December, 2 million units had been sold worldwide.  Futhermore, since then, according to Wikipedia, seven variants on the Optimus One have been released.

Other sources suggest that the video clip started making the rounds in virtual space in November, 2011.  It is – if this helps you understand – 3-D projection. 

The store front, by the way, remains unchanged.  Not a single new crack.  And the whales and fishes have returned to the deep . . .]



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