Despite it moniker, a whiskeyjack is a teetotaller . . . [Image submitted]

Despite its moniker, a whiskeyjack is a teetotaller . . . [Image submitted]

Two fat whiskeyjacks is what we saw this morning at the feeders.

That’s we expect in wintertime – birds that love the snow: grosbeaks and red polls and boreal chickadees and hairy woodpeckers and a ruffed grouse or a spruce hen . . .

Right now, we don’t need more birds.  We need more snow.

Right now, I can tramp around the yard in my ankle boots and keep my feet dry, and warm.  We haven’t had a decent blizzard since November.  NOVEMBER.  This is January.  JANUARY.

Tomorrow morning, we’re expecting a temperature of minus 3.  Celsius. 

The next morning will be minus 1.

And Thursday, four days from now, it will be plus 5.  In January.  AND.  It will be raining.  RAINING. 

Now, I like spring.  I love summer.  I can bear autumn.  And I will weather the winter.  BUT.  I will not abide rain in JANUARY.

Friday will be minus 7 and Saturday minus 12 and we can expect a few minus 20s and minus 30s and hopefully, a minus 40 or two before spring. 

So, on Thursday night, as the temperature plunges, we can expect a great many ice-coated birds to succumb before daylight. 

They are, after all, snow birds.  Not rain birds.  Or ice birds. 

And I blame it on the guv’mint.  If the Harper guv’mint had taken climate change seriously, 60 or 70 years ago, when it first gained power (or maybe it just seems that long), they’d have addressed the problem long ago.

So.  If you wake up Friday morning with a pile of dead birds on your doorstep, take some action.

Mail ’em to Parliament Hill.

Git crackin’. 

Idle no more.

Another victim of Harper's policies . . . [Image submitted]

Another victim of Harper’s policies . . . [Image submitted]


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