How do birds celebrate anyway . . . ? [Image submitted]

How do birds celebrate anyway . . . ? [Image submitted]

I was pleasantly surprised this morning.  There were no dead birds on my doorstep.

That is because, once more, the government has misinformed us.  It promised us that yesterday, Thursday, it would be raining and 5 degrees above zero Celsius.

Lies, lies, lies.

It did not rain yesterday.  Not a drop.  And the temperature did not rise to 5 above zero.  It rose to 4 above zero.  I believe that is a 20% margin of error.  No wonder so few weathermen are surgeons.


And last night, Environment Canada (a government institution that specializes in lies) printed the following on its website in big capital letters: FREEZING RAIN WARNING IN EFFECT.  In the colour RED.

Another lie.  There was no rain today, therefore it was not freezing, because no rain does not freeze.  It does not even fall.

Oh sure, there was a thaw.  Very messy.  But no rain.  No freezing.  No fall.  At all.

So what is the government doing tonight?  It is issuing the same bulletin as before: FREEZING RAIN WARNING IN EFFECT.

As if we’d believe it the second time around.

And the temperature forecast for tomorrow morning, Saturday, is minus 3 degrees.

As if.

They can’t even keep their lies straight.  If it is raining, then it can hardly be freezing, can it?

We used to have a name for freezing rain . . . Ice pellets.  So that will be part of the mix, according to Environment Canada.  They got all their bases covered.

What they should be covering bases with is . . . snow.

After all, it is January.   In a subarctic country.

On the other hand, maybe the government has that covered . . .

In the omnibus bill.


It’s a piece of legislation that is abolishing the environment . . . but only in Canada.

Ai – yi – yi.

What does freezing rain look like anyway . . . [Image submitted]

What does freezing rain look like anyway . . . [Image submitted]


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