Running on a layer of ash . . .

Running on a layer of ash . . .

It felt like winter this morning – 30 below, Celsius.

Which is pretty much like 30 below, Fahrenheit.

Since Monday, three days ago, we got another 2 inches of snow.  Whoopee.

Couldn’t get my snow blower started, so I dug a couple of trenches in the driveway so that I could get out.   Laid down some wood ashes for better traction.  Spent a couple hours running around town, then headed back.  Checked the ditches for semis.  Nary a one.

We got lucky today.  The rest of the region got minus 35 and minus 40. 

Feels like winter.  Just need some more snow.

Wood ash provides traction . . .

Wood ash provides traction . . .


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1 Response to ASHES TO SNOW

  1. Norah Brown says:

    We are battling 80F weather, trying to keep our feet from being burnt on the hot sand. There must be a happy medium!

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