Creelman Creek, 29 April 2013

Creelman Creek, 29 April 2013

When I was in downtown Geraldton today, someone said, “You’re a bit overdressed.”

And yes, I was.

I was wearing a three-season jacket.  Yes, there is still snow on the ground, and yes, we are still recovering from the spring blizzard that dumped a gazillion truckloads on the whole region.

But the temperature was 15 degrees (Celsius, which is 59 Fahrenheit).  The sun was shining, the snow mushy and retreating  What I did not have was a guarantee that it would last . . . to the end of the day.

Anyhow.  I shed my jacket and snapped some photos.

Our yard today

Our yard today

The snowbanks in our yard have diminished considerably (Check a similar photo from a week ago).  Water is trickling everywhere.  The roadside ditch, 87c Wildgoose ditchwhich the Municipality dug out two weeks ago, has a stream under the snowcap.  I know that because the stream is not flooding the road and channeling down our yard.  And the water is pouring noisily through the culverts at Creelman Creek.

Barton Bay, that arm of Kenogamisis Lake over which one drives to reach Geraldton, is still frozen, as is our own lake, Wildgoose.  I took a peek under the bridge.  All winter long the sleds have been barreling through this underpass.  If there has been any sled traffic lately, it has been terminated by flooded engines (ha ha).

Back home, I checked the air for bird song.  Just a woodpecker rat-a-tapping. 

On Friday, an informant in Nipigon, father south, said she had heard the first white-throated sparrow.

Barton Bay looking northwest

Barton Bay looking northwest

It’s just not fair.

But.  Spring is trickling.

Ye olde swimming hole under Barton Bay bridge

Ye olde swimming hole under Barton Bay bridge


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