95a Car shelter

I am keeping my ear tuned.  It is tuned to the drip from my eaves.  It is, after all, only minus 11 degrees C, one of the warmest days in nearly four months.  Something’s got to melt soon.

But nothing is dripping on that frequency.  Not even a moist sob.  Unless it comes from me.

We had another dump of snow in the last few days.

But, hurray, hurray, the sun is shining today.  That’s a red-letter event.  I grabbed my camera and headed outdoors.  I snapped my new car shelter.  Another hurray, for there is not a flake of snow sticking to it.  Just as I had hoped.  When I erected it last fall, I programmed it to shed snow.

My other outbuildings, however, cling to snow.  Or snow clings to them.  I’m going to have to de-snow my old car shelter (now a lumber and tools shelter) before it collapses.

95b Other rooves

My wood shed is growing empty.  I might have seven or eight weeks of fuel left, so if we’re lucky, the supply might stretch to the end of winter.

95c Wood shed

I headed down our road to pick up three days’ of newspapers – we don’t stir from our cabin unless highly motivated.

I noticed a neighbour and his two kids strapping on snowshoes, so when I returned I got permission to snap them.  Also sent them a copy via e-mail.

They can tell their grandkids about The Winter of the Blue Snow.  Well, not exactly blue, but soon the red fungus will appear on the surface as the snow layers melt.  Maybe call it The Winter of the Pink Snow.  But that happens every spring anyway.  So maybe go with The Winter the Snow Got Darn Deep.

95d Snowshoers

As I type this, I am smiling.

For it is sunny out, and warm, and our rooves* keeps the darn snow out.

*For the benefit of Miss Grundy, I want to assure her that I am aware that “roofs” is the preferred spelling (and pronunciation) of “roof” in the plural.  However, I grew up saying “rooves” and I’m not changing now.  By the way, does a horse have four hoofs or four hooves?  Just asking.

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