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2 – Daylight in the Swamp

[Dated July 18] The book that I cracked two days ago is Daylight in the Swamp. These “bush memoirs” were published posthumously. After Selwyn’s death in 1979, his brother Keewatin Dewdney salvaged the manuscript and notes that Selwyn had been frenetically assembling before he died.

In the Preface, Keewatin tells a marvelous story of how his brother’s ghost badgered him into becoming the curator and the editor of Selwyn’s legacy. Here is information on the book:

Daylight in the Swamp: Memoirs of Selwyn Dewdney

Edited by A.K. Dewdney

Dundurn Press: Toronto & Oxford

© Selwyn Dewdney 1997

ISBN 1-55002-251-2

I ordered the book on July 6 and received it on July 15. It is a hardcover edition, beautifully illustrated with Selwyn’s artwork, and in flawless condition. It came all the way from Britain. It cost me US$24.92. The shipping was free.

It is a priceless object of Canadiana and I shall never let it go until death does us part.

No, do not ask to borrow it.

And here’s the good news for you: You too can own this objet d’art.

I’ll tell you how in the next post.

Book-Dewdney-Daylight Swamp


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