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3 – Dear ABE

[Dated July 19] You want to find a rare book? Or a book that’s out of print?

And you want to pay a rock-bottom price?

You need to know about the Advanced Book Exchange.

I am always surprised when I converse with other bibliophiles and discover they know nothing about the Advanced Book Exchange.

Well, today, I am gifting book-lovers everywhere the secret of finding hard-to-find books.

No, it is not, though Amazon has its moments. Even Chapters-Indigo has some offers.

But Advanced Book Exchange [ABE], that is the virtual fount of all private libraries today.

The fans of ABE are manifold. There are claims that ABE can reach across the planet and access two million, three million — no, no — four million titles of new, second-hand, and out-of-print titles.

But Wikipedia, that impeccable source of information, says ABE can access 140 million titles. Who’re you gonna believe?

And it can do this in a matter of minutes.

ABE’s secret is its arrangements with booksellers virtually everywhere.

For years I have had nothing but good experiences with ABE.

And here’s the bonus news for Canadians: ABE is based in Victoria, B.C. It makes my heart go riffle-ruffle.

Look it up today:

Look forward to finding every Selwyn Dewdney book there is, even in the darkest swamp.



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