107a Sep -Zoe Gould

On June 27 in the post titled A CASE OF EYES CLOSED, I wrote this:

“The Energy East project, an initiative of TransCanada Piplelines, would convert an ancient natural gas pipeline to carry diluted bitumen.  “Dilbit” is the stuff that devastated Lac Megantic last year.  Dilbit is the stuff that, once it spills into the environment, can never be entirely cleaned up.  Dilbit would be carried to an eastern port so that it can be loaded into ships which occasionally leak and sometimes rupture and can spread that stuff on shores in the Maritimes or offer that opportunity to our trading partners overseas.”

I noted that the converted pipeline would pass within two klicks of my doorstep.

Robert van Waarden has sent out another update, as follows:

4 Sep 2014

Hi Edgar,

After a much needed three week break in the wonderful countryside of Prince Edward Island I am back in Montreal working on Along the Pipeline. After the journey was complete I spent 3 weeks intensely editing a selection. All the images were shot on Black & White film, this meant developing, scanning and then working on them in post-production. If you have ever had to remove dust from a 4×5 scan you know how time consuming that can be.  One part of the edit was the need to transcribe over 60 hours of audio. Some amazing volunteers stepped forward to help with this daunting task. Thank you everyone.

107b Sep -Keith Hobbs

Along the Pipeline has been edited down to 24 images and their stories. I would like to thank Hélène Samson, photography curator at the McCord Museum, and several others who helped with this edit.  These 24 images will make up a travelling exhibit that I am currently developing with partner organizations GreenpeaceEnvironmental Defence, and the Council of Canadians. This exhibit will travel to communities along the pipeline route sharing stories and perspectives from across the country.  All of the portraits – not just the 24 in the exhibit – and their respective stories will be uploaded to the website during the next weeks.  I am also working with a multimedia editor to pull together a series of pieces from along the pipeline. The latest one to launch is about Henry Harris, a fisherman from Grand Manan Island. Check it out and see if you can understand a great East Coast accent.

107c Sep -Bob Smoker

Last night I had the pleasure of addressing hundreds of students and concerned citizens at Concordia University. This event was part of the People’s Climate Tour leading up to the big march in New York on September 21. Additionally Greenpeace Quebec took a mini-exhibit of Along the Pipeline on the festival circuit in Quebec this past month. The images helped engage the summer festival crowd on the issue of the Energy East pipeline and how it relates to Quebec.  There is more coming. Thank you once again to all supporters and participants. I look forward to continuing to share the project with you as it develops.


Robert van Waarden Photography

Montreal, QC, Canada

107d Sep -Presenting the Along the Pipeline project at Concordia University in Montreal

Presenting the Along the Pipeline project at Concordia University in Montreal


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