GRUBBING FOR GOLD (2 of 4 Chapters)

2 – Rumours of a Strike

121 -2a Headframe for sale (2)

[On Monday, March 28, I heard a rumour that the Municipality of Greenstone was going to sell off its assets in the mining zone of Greenstone Gold Mines. Checking it out, I discovered that a regular meeting of Council was scheduled for the very next day! And indeed, the sales of the assets were to be enshrined in by-laws. As usual, there was no notice in the media. It seemed unbelievable that the Municipality would so something of such earth-shaking importance without notice and especially without consulting the voters beforehand in a public arena. I raced to get the notice out to my social media network. There was a lot of feedback and sharing of posts, but the notice was just too late. The following is something I sent out on Tuesday, with the Council meeting looming that evening. I also copied the Mayor & Councillors & key office staff.]

LOSS of historic headframe taps deep feelings ‏

[Two residents whose history dates back to the beginnings of Geraldton, have responded to me about the notice of the By-Law before Greenstone’s Municipal Council tonight.  They are contemplating a move to Thunder Bay to a retirement home in the interests of their physical well-being, but the move will nonetheless play havoc with their feelings about Geraldton.  And in spite of the economic boost that the new mine will bring, they do not look forward to the changes that will be wrought.  I withhold their names, but here is my response to them.]

   I don’t have nearly the personal history you have with Geraldton, my family having arrived in ’53.  But through my research& writing & interviews with old-timers, I feel as if I’ve been here forever.  This move to sell off the headframe will go down in our history as the day that will live in infamy.  It is our Pearl Harbour.    Your projected move to TBay makes sense, and I and Olga and many others will regret losing your closeness to us.  Yes, Geraldton will be changing – dramatically.  Few can imagine what is coming.  In the case of the headframe, unfortunately, our municipal leaders see only dollar signs, not irreplaceable history.  Fortunately, though, we have our memories and, to some degree, our written and photographic history to fortify us.  In case we don’t get to say this again, God bless you on your new journey.  And wherever you are, there will be a little piece of our old home town.

Our fondest regards,

Edgar& Olga

[In case you missed my notice yesterday, here it is again.  Also, check the responses on my Facebook page, and on the public group page, Greenstone History.]


The regular meeting of Greenstone Municipal Council will consider the following motion on Tuesday, March 29, 2016, starting at 6:30 p.m.:

THAT By-Law16-22, being a By-law to enter into an Option to Purchase Agreement between the Corporation of the Municipality of Greenstone and Greenstone Gold Mines GP Inc. for the Headframe be approved for passage and enactment.

By-Law 16-XX Option to Purchase Agreement Greenstone Gold Mines Headframe

The agenda also proposes a by-law to sell the Discover Geraldton Interpretive Centre and another by-law to sell the back nine holes of Kenogamisis Golf Club.
121 -2b Headframe 2 not worth relocating (2)


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