I write about the people and landscape where I live.

I have a drive and a passion to write.  And to read.

Once upon a time, I became an English teacher.  So that I could read and write full time.

I wrote poems and stories and essays – most of which I shared with the world.

I taught my students to write poems and stories and essays, and encouraged them to share with the world.

And I wrote and I published newsletters – scads of them.  For any organization I could.

I published a little magazine for 10 years – The Squatchberry Journal.

I immersed myself in local history, and wrote scads of articles and several books.

Now I’ve written my first novel – it has been published on Smashwords.

The novel, The Beardmore Relics, grows out of the people and landscape where I live.

The e-book can be sampled for free, or purchased at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/48856

There is now a trade paperback of The Beardmore Relics.  Check your favourite bookseller, whether it be Chapters or Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com.

I live in the Greenstone region, north of Lake Superior, in the hinterland of the City of Thunder Bay.

I am retired from teaching.  Olga and I live in a big cabin in the woods on the shore of a big lake.

My website and contact info is at http://www.WhiskyJackPublishing.ca

Let me know if you’re in the neighborhood.

2 Responses to About

  1. Brad Folino says:


    Just read your post about Folino’s. Yes, another tear was shead. Thank you very much for doing such a fine tribute on what was surely the most emotional day in my life. Customers/friends like you are why we the Folino family did what we did for so long. Stay in touch, and we shall meet up again soon.

    With all sincerity
    Brad Folino 🙂

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