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I – Ka-Ching-a-Ching               anyone lived in a pretty how town               (with up so many floating bells down) (1) And how the Smirk hated Anyone, and how he hated pretty How Town! And there were how so many How … Continue reading

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He was unshaven, ungroomed, and most unlikely unwashed, so I pulled over, cracked the window, and asked him how long he had been hitching. Since yesterday, he said. He had stopped thumbing at 5:00 o’clock, and resumed at 9:00 this … Continue reading

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IN SYNC WITH SELWYN (Chapter 6 of 6)

Red Ochre According to Selwyn, in 1957, when he was almost 50 years old, “I finally discovered what I wanted to do when I grew up.” In the meantime, he had left his high school teaching job, and made a … Continue reading

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IN SYNC WITH SELWYN (Chapter 5 of 6)

Bushed “Packing on the Pic was, well, no picnic.” So began Selwyn’s tale of swamps that proved to be the bane of his so-called “summer vacation”. He had landed a job with General Timber Company, packing supplies into bush camps … Continue reading

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IN SYNC WITH SELWYN (Chapter 4 of 6)

4 ̶ Through a Glass Darkly After a hiatus of five years, the haze clears, and I can see my way clear to finish this post. Selwyn Dewdney’s memoir suggests the origin of its title, Daylight in the Swamp. In … Continue reading

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Radio-Canada called me up for information on the Longlac church that burned down yesterday.  I was able, in the short time available, to put together this account: At age 36, Father Joseph-Marie Couture was ordained as a priest in 1922, … Continue reading

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“Always walk facing traffic.” That’s something I learned at my mother’s knee. When walking down a road, always face the traffic  ̶  that is, walk on the left-hand shoulder. So when I encountered two walkers on Monday who were walking … Continue reading

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2 ̶ Snowplows Snowplows are adept at spreading garbage. Last Wednesday morning, I stacked my week’s garbage at roadside. We don’t have curbsides. We live in the bush. Overnight a blizzard had deposited ten or twelve inches of snow in … Continue reading

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RAVENS & SNOWPLOWS (Chapter 1 of 2)

1  ̶  Ravens Winter in the north wouldn’t be the same without them. Ravens to collect and dispose of garbage. Snowplows to spread it over all Creation. I spent a good hour today watching our ravens clean up the garbage … Continue reading

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ANGLER & PRISONERS OF WAR (Chapter 5 of 7)

5 ̶ Japanese Prisoners On February 24, 1942, the Prime Minister of Canada, William Lyon Mackenzie King, as a war measure, proclaimed the coastal region of British Columbia out of bounds to all Canadians of Japanese descent. In an unprecedented … Continue reading